Mikis Theodorakis - District of angels (1963/2011)

10.07.2011 22:55 Опубликовано в Greece

One of the best early works of Mikis Theodorakis. Songs and music for the theatrical play of 1963 "District of angels" (I gitonia ton aggelon) with Tzeni Karezi and Nikos Kourkoulos, two very popular Greek actors. In this CD is included the famous syrtaki "Settle your bed for two" (Strose to stroma sou gia dio), that was later used by Theodorakis, for the "Zorba dance". Remastered in 2011.

Voces de Romero - De Bordon Al Cielo (2011)

06.07.2011 14:32 Опубликовано в Spain
Популярный испанский фолк коллектив. Их первый диск вышел ещё в 1989 году и до 2001 года было записано 13 альбомов. После десятилетнего перерыва новый альбом!

Malandar - El Mejor De Los Caminos (2011)

02.07.2011 21:48 Опубликовано в Spain
Настоящая испанская музыка!

Yiannis Parios - Erotic Life [2CD] (1994)

20.06.2011 22:08 Опубликовано в Greece

Yiannis Parios (Γιάννης Πάριος) is a very popular Greek singer, with over 40 years of successful career. He sings love ballads with his unique very expressive and tender way. He is also a talented songwriter and lyricist. Usually he doesn't sings his own songs, that become best sellers by other great greek singers. In this double CD with the name "Erotic life" (Βίος Ερωτικός), Yiannis Parios decided to interpret songs that he has composed or written the lyrics for. The result is wonderful. A heartwarming album with 23 beautiful songs interpreted by their creator for the first time.

Yiannis Parios - Loneliness is Better (1984)

20.06.2011 22:03 Опубликовано в Greece

Tender and sweet love songs by the velvet voice of Greece, Yiannis Parios. The title song "Loneliness is better" (Pio kali i monaxia), is a composition of Parios' young son who sings this beautiful song duet with his father. The CD is a best seller and became many times platinum.

Rena Vlahopoulou - Songs From the Movies (1995)

20.06.2011 21:54 Опубликовано в Greece

Rena Vlahopoulou was a hugely popular, talented comedy actress, dancer and mezzo soprano singer. She was one of the most loved cinema and theatrical actresses in Greece and her songs convey joy, humor and the happiness of life. This nice compilation contains the most representative songs from her movies, that deploy the plethoric and rich talent of the unforgettable actress.

Manolis Hiotis & Mary Linda - 30 Greatest Hits (1989)

16.06.2011 16:12 Опубликовано в Greece

Manolis Hiotis (1921-1970) was an incredible bouzouki virtuoso and a great composer with many "timeless" folk songs that are considered as some of the best ever written for bouzouki and voice. With his artistic (and life) partner, Mary Linda, were a very popular duo, with international allure. Hiotis's bouzouki playing was the fastest of all, full of incredible 1/64ths. Mikis Theodorakis, recognizing his unique artistry, used Hiotis in his first great albums.

V.A. - The Great Greek Voices [4CD] (1994)

15.06.2011 05:23 Опубликовано в Greece

Excellent collection of top Greek singers, covering the most important 50 years of the greek musical history (1940-90). Each CD has a different period with a style of songs, particular to it. So there are "Light" (European style) retro songs, "Rebetika" (urban folk songs of a particular subculture, based on bouzouki), "Folk" (Laika in greek), and "Artistic folk"(Entehna laika). Enjoy two and a half hours of unforgettable greek songs with the greater greek singers of all time.

Giorgos Zabetas - Greek Folk Composers [4CD] (1997)

14.06.2011 06:58 Опубликовано в Greece

Rare live recording of the great composer, virtuoso bouzouki player and charismatic showman, Giorgos Zabetas and his musical team, at the music-hall "Ximeromata" (Daybreak) in 1972. He was extremely popular at the time and it was very difficult for his numerous fans to reserve a table at the music-halls where he performed. The first 3 CD of the set contain the live recording. Almost 2 hours with the legendary "atmosphere" of Zabetas and his unparalleled bouzouki improvisations. The 4th CD is a superb parade of great bouzouki instrumentals by Zabetas, never released in other recordings.

Stavros Xarhakos - Markos our teacher (1967/1987)

14.06.2011 05:53 Опубликовано в Greece

A tribute of Stavros Xarhakos to Markos Vamvakaris, the "patriarch of rebetiko". Excellent arrangements from Xarhakos, of 12 well known songs of Vamvakaris, with top singers like Grigoris Bithikotsis, Vicky Mosholiou, Stamatis Kokotas and the great bouzouki master, Giorgos Zabetas. A 'must have' for all fans of greek dancing music, with performances of rare quality.

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